A one-minute commercial (aka your “elevator speech”) is a great tool to use when you first meet a potential contact.  It’s a summary of your experience, skills, accomplishments, and traits. It should give someone enough information to know what you do and/or to want to learn more about you.

Your commercial is also one of the most versatile tools in your job search kit.  It is a way to introduce yourself to networking contacts.  It is the answer to the most common first question in an interview; “tell me about yourself.”  It’s the informal version of your Summary on your resume and it’s the basis for the middle section of your cover letters.  Tailor your speech to fit each and every situation.  You will have as many commercials as you do contacts – never use a “one-size-fits-all” approach.

Practice your commercial so that you remember important information to include. Knowing your commercial helps you appear (and be) more confident and comfortable when you need to use it.  Rehearse it, but never let it sound memorized!

Your commercial can include:

“I am a (job title or profession) ___________________________”
“with extensive experience in ____________________________”
“My strengths include _________________________________”
“My preferred work functions are_________________________”
“The type of company I would like to work for is______________”
A closing (which will depend on the situation) “What I am hoping to accomplish from our is meeting is________”
•In a networking situation: “Can you think of anyone that would be good for me to talk to?”
•In an informational interview: “I’m hoping to learn more about this industry and get your feedback on my Marketing Plan.”

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