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 Intern Erika Holmes with one of her worksite mentors at CAP, Sara Viggianni
Intern Kyle Rice made sure he had a Yankees picture on his computer when he came on board at RochesterWorks





Opportunities to Gain Experience

New York Leaders: Student Intern Program

As part of the Governor’s New, New York Leaders Program, we’ve taken all internship opportunities at all state agencies and centralized them at one domain.  
Students can visit the site ( and apply directly to over 450 internships at our state agencies or link to opportunities in other entities or branches of state government.  The program is open to resident graduate and undergraduate students as well as students who attend schools in other states, but reside in New York.  Opportunities include both paid and unpaid positions.  Internships may include academic credit depending on the policy of the educational institution.

Get Hands-On Experience for Your Career with Rochester Exploring!

Learn from the experience of local professionals in a variety of fields including Aviation, Cosmetology, Firematics, Legal, Military, Police, Sports Management, Skilled Trades, Veterinarians, and more!
For more information call (585) 241-8558.

Get Help Finding a Job

Call (585) 258-3500 or visit your nearest RochesterWorks! Career Center for up-to-date information on local summer job opportunities and personal help finding a job.

What You Need to Join a Youth Program
To enroll in a youth program, you will need a few things to get started:

  • Social Security Card To get a new or replacement Social Security card contact our local Social Security Office at 1- 800-772-1213 or visit 100 State Street, Room 500, Rochester, NY 14614, Monday -Friday, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. This is a free service. You will need some proof of identification. Or, go online to and look for a link about cards on the upper left hand side.
  • Work Permit Job seekers under the age of 18 need work permits in order to have a job. You can get it from your local high school office or the Rochester City School District at: 131 West Broad St., Rochester, NY 14614. Call: 585-262-8564
  • Anything Else I Need? Yes, there may be some income level guidelines as well as other guidelines that your youth program provider will go over with you before your program starts.

If you have any problems along the way, contact your program or call RochesterWorks! at 585-258-3500.

Learn More About In-Demand Careers

Makes up the largest single group of health care professionals
There are four times as many nurses as there are physicians in the U.S.
RNs work to promote health, prevent disease, and help patients cope with illness. They are advocates and health educators for patients, families, and communities. When providing direct patient care, they observe, assess, and record symptoms, reactions, and progress; assist physicians during treatments and examinations; administer medications; and assist in convalescence and rehabilitation.

Science-Technology-Engineering-Math (STEM) Careers
Ever wonder who puts the thrill in a roller coaster?
Would you like to know who solves crime with the latest technology?
Are you curious about who designs the Xbox?

Homeland Security
Want to stay on the cutting edge in your technical discipline?
Want to sharpen your analytical talents?
Want to delve into the language and culture of other countries?
Want to work on issues that effect American's national security?

If you are interested in an exciting and rewarding career in the Intelligence Community, then find out more by exploring the more than 16 careers (broad areas of work) involved in the business of intelligence.

Schedule an appointment today with one of our Youth Specialists and explore great career opportunities for your future!


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