Daily Focus: GRSLA Intern from RochesterWorks! & RochesterWorks! for Youth. For Summer 2018 – MARIANGELIS GONZALEZ, Senior @ Rochester City School District, School of the Arts. GRSLA: Hello, Mariangelis. Congratulations on being part of the RochesterWorks! Summer Youth Employment, Direct Placement Internship Program this summer! We are so glad to have you with us! (SYEP is a government-funded program operated by RochesterWorks! with the intent of providing meaningful summer work opportunities to youth ages 14-20 within Monroe County. For some youth, this is their first opportunity to gain real-world work experience.) Mariangelis: Thank you! GRSLA: Rochester wants to get to know you better. Could we ask a few fun questions? Mariangelis: Sure! GRSLA: How long have you been with GRSLA / summerLEAP? Mariangelis: I’ve been here three weeks now, and I’ve worked with Luis (Director) and Tiffany (Admin Support Specialist) to learn about the administrative side of how the organization operates. GRSLA: What is the best part of your internship? Mariangelis: Getting to know all the team members, experiencing community events such as National Summer Learning Day at the Central Library and the proclamations from the Rochester City School District, City of Rochester’s Mayor, Monroe County, and Senators Robach and Funke. I like visiting GRSLA’s summerLEAP program sites too. GRSLA: What was your favorite childhood toy or book? Mariangelis: Reading was my favorite activity and my favorite book was Matilda by Roald Dahl. GRSLA: What song makes you happy? Mariangelis: I enjoy church songs, in both English and Spanish. GRSLA: What do you want to be when you ‘grow up’? 🙂 Mariangelis: I want to be a doctor. The University of Rochester has offered me a scholarship and I hope to begin studies after my High School graduation. GRSLA: Who inspires you? Mariangelis: First God, because he gives me strength and guides me on my path. And my Mother, because she helps me believe in myself, and she’s positive – telling me that I can do anything. GRSLA: Thanks for our chat, Mariangelis. We are very glad you are part of the GRSLA / summerLEAP Team this summer!



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