Leslie began her relationship with RochesterWorks! by participating in the job readiness training for individuals with families. Following that she immediately participated in the Work Experience Program. “The (job readiness) program was very beneficial because it educated everyone in all topics, not just a few,” said Leslie. “RochesterWorks! covered every aspect and issue a single parent like myself could face and it really helped me see the benefit of this type of program. We discussed the importance of having good credit, having a good foundation, activities that we can do with our children as a family unit, and many job readiness topics. This helped me transition to the work experience program because I felt I had all the tools I needed to perform my hours while looking for paid employment. “ To others in similar situations, Leslie advises, “For me personally, I needed to find employment. I have the skills, I have the support, and I am the one that needs to provide the support for my family. These programs are not as bad as people think when you are required to go to them, you are guaranteed to learn many things and RochesterWorks! is a great supporter. RochesterWorks! (staff) go beyond their job titles; this entire office comes together to help and it is like you become a lean, mean, fighting machine. RochesterWorks! helped me do a complete 180-degree change in my life, not because they had to but because they wanted to. I felt the sincerity of each person I worked with; they made me feel as though they wanted to work with me, not because they had to but because they wanted to.” Leslie participated in the Work Experience Program for a month after completing the job readiness training. She worked with a RochesterWorks! Career Services Advisor and the St. Paul Placements team and is happy to say, “I am no longer on public assistance, I am very happy to be off of the system and taking care of my own family.”



Only RochesterWorks! provides a unique set of customized services to businesses and job seekers at little-to-no cost, preparing a skilled workforce and connecting them with opportunities in our region.



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