Second Chance Hiring

by, Corey Nash

ROCHESTER, NY- Where is all the talent hiding these days? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey, job openings remained near a series high, at 7.6 million, in January. Quits are also hovering in record territory, at 3.5 million.

It truly is a job seeker’s market—but not for everyone. In a July report*, estimated the unemployment rate for formerly incarcerated people at 27%. According to their analysis, “Formerly incarcerated people want to work. Their high unemployment rate reflects public will, policy, and practice—not differences in aspirations.”

We believe that the disconnect between the talent shortage and the high unemployment rate for justice-involved individuals represents an opportunity for businesses. Employers that seek talent outside their normal sources are building a strategic advantage in the talent war. The success stories are already pouring in.

That is why we are proud to participate in Second Chance Month this April. Throughout the month we will share data, promising practices, and compelling stories that illustrate the benefits of giving a deserving individual a second chance.




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