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Acquiring the right skills can give you a competitive edge and help you be more successful in your job search. To determine what training program or continuing education is right for you, visit a RochesterWorks! Career Center. We will advise you on what skills are in demand, how training or education may help your job search lead to employment, and whether you are eligible for financial assistance.

Please note that this information was developed based on policies in effect in August 2019. All guidelines and funding are subject to change at any time based on local policy changes and the availability of WIOA funds.

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Training Grant
info session

An information session required for any individuals interested in pursuing Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act funding for training

This e-learning series will provide you with information on the Training Grant, eligibility requirements, types of training, and steps you need to take in order to be considered for funding.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Before You Are Approved

What is RochesterWorks! Training Grant?

RochesterWorks! has a training grant that can cover the costs of education or training for individuals who need to update their skills to find a job or advance in their careers. Funding for the RochesterWorks! Training grant comes from the federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) appropriations.  The grant can cover training costs at many area colleges, universities, vocational schools, and proprietary training institutions. The grant is based mainly on whether you can show that you need the training to find suitable, full-time work. To get started, just come into either our 100 College Ave. location or our location at 276 Waring Rd. to register with us. You may come in at any time during our hours of operation (click here for hours and locations). You do not need an appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions - Once You Have Been Approved

Once I have been awarded the RochesterWorks! training grant, is there anything that I need to do to keep the grant?

Since funding for the RochesterWorks! training grant is part of the overall funding for our comprehensive career center services, we work with every grant recipient to make sure that the training will lead to suitable work.  For that reason, grant recipients accept certain responsibilities when they accept the grant, including regular contact with your career center representative.  Your failure to comply with these responsibilities could lead to the loss of your grant.  Normally, your career center representative will ask you to contact them at least monthly to give an update on how your classes are going.  If your contact information changes, you should inform your career center representative immediately.  The specifics regarding regular contact and other documents that we will need from you are written out on the Employment and Training Plan and Training Enrollment Agreement that you signed at your final appointment with your career center representative.  You should keep these documents somewhere where you can refer to them continually.  You should give special attention to the Customer Responsibility section of the Employment and Training Plan.  This section will give you exact dates that certain items are needed from you.  Typical documentation needed from our training customers includes class attendance, grades or progress reports, the bill and course schedule for future semesters or sessions, and your certificate of completion, diploma, or degree at the end of the course.



Only RochesterWorks! provides a unique set of customized services to businesses and job seekers at little-to-no cost, preparing a skilled workforce and connecting them with opportunities in our region.



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