Are You Ready to ROCTHEDAY with RochesterWorks! ?
(Donation link goes live on December 3rd)


Ready. Set. ROC! Donate to Break Down Barriers in Our Community!

Every day at RochesterWorks! we meet people that face barriers to finding employment in our community. From education and financial strain to transportation and clothing needs, these barriers keep many people from becoming an active member of our thriving workforce.

On Tuesday December 3rd, 2019 you have the opportunity to help individuals in our community by providing bus passes, interview clothing, and other transportation assistance to those that need it most!  Lend a hand and partner with RochesterWorks to break down these barriers and help people in our community transition back to work!

About Us

As Monroe County's largest employment and training initiative we are dedicated to developing a strong workforce in the Rochester, NY, region as we serve job seekers, youth, and businesses in our community.

We pride ourselves with making it our mission to provide outstanding employment, education, support, and training services to job seekers as we assist them in finding and retaining employment leading to self-sufficiency.  We partner with the New York State Department Labor to operate three Career Centers and provide free employment and training services to job seekers and businesses.

Find more information, stop by a Career Center's at 255 N. Goodman Street
276 Waring Road
691 St. Paul Street (within the Monroe County Department of Human Services).