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About Us

Who We Are


Founded in 2004, RochesterWorks, Inc (RWI) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit member of the American Job Center Network that provides employment and training services to Monroe County through three local career centers and one specialized youth employment center.

The American Job Center network is coordinated by the Employment and Training Administration (ETA) of the US Department of Labor. At an American Job Center, job seekers have access to a variety of employment assistance services. These centers offer training referrals, career counseling, job listings, and other employment-related services.

Customers can visit one of more than 2,000 locations across the country in person or online. Our services are delivered in three ways: self-help services, facilitated self-help services and staff-assisted services.

RochesterWorks, Inc. also administers Federal workforce development funds on behalf of Monroe County. It manages approximately $7-$9 million in employment and training resources on behalf of the Monroe County/Rochester Workforce Development Board.

Workforce Development Board

A Local Workforce Development Board (LWDB) represents every community in the United States. LWDBs are the foundation of workforce development systems statewide. In addition to providing skill-based programs through one-stop career centers, local boards develop strategic plans to match employers with qualified candidates. There are 33 LWDBs throughout New York.

The Monroe County/ Rochester WDB serves Rochester and Monroe County. Rochester’s mayor and county executive appoint board members. Federal law requires that a majority of the board members come from the business community to ensure that workforce initiatives align with economic development. In New York State, LWDBs typically have between 20 and 40 members.

Board Responsibilities

Determine the needs of the local job market as a guide for allocating workforce development resources.

Oversee the activities of the one-stop career centers, which assist unemployed job seekers and existing workers seeking better career paths, local businesses seeking new hires, and young adults entering the local workforce

Create policies for the LWDB that govern how regional workforce services are delivered and prioritized

Adopt 4-year local and regional workforce development plans

Approve spending of WIOA and other Federal workforce funds

Hire an Executive Director

What We Do

Services for Adults

Programming and resources for adults aged 18 and older who live or work in Monroe and surrounding counties.

We serve people from various educational backgrounds, experiences, income levels, and employment statuses. 

We offer career advisory services, including resume editing, job search tools, career transition counseling, and career development programs, self-service and facilitated self-service options, such as Job Strategy Groups, e-learning, and workshops.

Enhanced Programming for community populations with specific barriers to finding work such as adults with disabilities, adults in recovery for substance use disorders and mental health, and others. This includes work experience programs, job readiness training, employability assessments, and other services to adults receiving public assistance at our affiliate Career Center at 691 St Paul Street, co-located in the Monroe County Department of Human Services.

Services for Youth

Programs and resources for out-of-school youth ages 16 to 24, with select programs available to in-school youth ages 14 - 15.

RochesterWorks has provided meaningful work experiences for youth across Monroe County since its inception. Our Youth Employment Services Team is located in the City of Rochester at 57 St. Paul Street.

RochesterWorks Youth Navigators specialize in helping teens and young adults aged 17 to 24. As part of the Youth Navigator System, community partners support youth accessing and utilizing the existing programs and services available.

Hundreds of youth obtain paid work experience every year through the Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP), a joint project with the City of Rochester's Summer of Opportunity Program (SOOP).

The RochesterWorks Youth Team also facilitates the ROC SEEDS program and Gun Violence Prevention Program.

Services for Business

Serving small to large size businesses, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and nonprofits located or hiring in Monroe and surrounding counties.

Our Career Center at 100 College Avenue is home to our Business Services team, which connects job seekers and employers. 

Work Experience Tryout grants and On-the-Job Training Grants support local employers in finding, hiring, and training qualified candidates for their open positions.

Businesses of all sizes and types can participate in job fairs and recruitment events on-site at the Career Center, online on our virtual platform, and at locations throughout Monroe County.

Employers are invited to list their open positions on our Job Board, which also allows for cross-posting to the New York State Department of Labor database, reaching thousands of local candidates.

Our Partners

RochesterWorks is designated by the Monroe County Executive and the Mayor of Rochester to administer federal workforce development funds as Monroe County's fiscal agent. 

Federal and state guidelines require coordination and, where possible, colocation with partners in the workforce development community. RochesterWorks contracts with a One-Stop Operator to facilitate coordination between these many partners.

City of Rochester
City of Rochester
Monroe County
Monroe County
NYS Department of Labor
NYS Department of Labor

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